The Observing Self

A.J. Deikman: The Observing Self. Mysticism and Psychotherapy. Reviewed by William Brochs-Haukedal  This is a book from 1982, and is very well known among humanist and transpersonal psychologists. It presents a perspective on the human mind and mental problems based on mysticism.  He starts by noting that the psychotherapy in the West is dominated by… Fortsett å lese The Observing Self

A Brief History of the Soul

Summary/review by William Brochs-Haukedal Goetz, S. and Taliaferro, C. (2011): A brief history of the soul. The soul? Seriously? Most of us (that is we who were born, raised and educated in Scandinavia after WWII) have relegated the soul to the fairytales. Science and electric light took care of that. On the other hand, deep… Fortsett å lese A Brief History of the Soul